Algebra Blessett Talks About The Similarities of R&B And Gospel

Atlanta singer-songwriter Algebra Blessett returns with her sophomore album ‘Recovery’ five years after the release of her freshman LP ‘Purpose’. ‘Recovery’ was postponed due to her involvement with the musical ‘Rebirth’. Recovery is out and her fans have had the opportunity to check her out at shows and through her new material. Algebra quickly talked to use about her upbringing and her love for Gospel and R&B.

"R&B shaped my life in a way that made me appreciate music so much." she told Singersroom. "I grew up around Gospel but there are a lot of similarities between Gospel and R&B … there is a truth and honesty there. I think as a people (when I say people I mean black people, African Americans, whatever does not offend you) we have a tendency to put our heart and soul in our music. When we want people dance we make them dance and when we make people want to feel our pain we do that. There is a great honesty and vulnerability that R&B and Gospel has. So that is my way of doing things."

Algebra Blessett's soulful energy comes out when she sings. The honesty and truthfulness she spoke of also comes out through her lyrics. Check out her new project, 'Recovery'.