Eric Roberson Unites Singers for ‘B-Sides, Features, & Heartaches’ Album

Eric Roberson is looked at as a pivotal leader among independent artists, especially around the R&B and Soul music scene. As a leading voice between artists, Roberson plans to bring talents together for a collaborative album entitled, B-Sides, Features, & Heartaches.

“It’s a record that represents a collaborative spirit that we’ve had since my independent career over the last 13 years,” says Roberson.

The 13-track collection features collaborations with Angela Johnson, Les Nubians, Aaron Camper, among others. The first single released from the project is “Anymore,” a soulful lullaby about a broken relationship produced by Brett “Bdubb” Baker.

Roberson’s B-Sides, Features and Heartaches is slated for release on February 4th, 2014.

In addition, he also plans to drop a solo album currently titled, Musical Monologues. The creative vision of the record merges his freestyle stage performance cleverness. “I think theater has shown up more on my stage, but it’s starting to show up more in my songs. From that standpoint, it’s just a very expanded and detailed combination of words,” Roberson told YouKnowIGotSoul.

Thus far, he has completed seven of the twelve songs for the album.


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