Jennifer Hudson Says ‘Ain’t You Too Old?,’ Talks Beyonce and Female Artist Songs

Jennifer Hudson is tired of women in music "singing about the same old things."

Opening up in a recent interview, the Grammy and Oscar winner said it's really annoying at this point when she listens to other female artists singing about sex, drinkin', the club and more.

"Singing about the same old things in music is overrated. Sex, drinkin’, the club. Okay, especially sex. Like, we grownups; we ain’t got over that, like, really? Ain’t you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else. I get annoyed with those things. But I can’t answer the last question, ohhh though I want to," Hudson told The Huffington Post when asked "What or who is overrated right now?"

While she didn't say any names, some fans thought she was referring to "Drunk In Love" singer Beyonce. Disputing that notion, Jennifer Hudson took to Twitter.

"If u took my general comment and YOU singled out someone to apply it to, then that would mean that's how u feel. Not me," Hudson said this week, also retweeting a fan, who wrote "I don't think @IAMJHUD 'dissed' Beyonce with her comments, if you think about it the shoe fits 99.9% of music today."

Even though she might love Beyonce, Hudson has previously used her name in other interviews, claiming that she won't be taking her clothes off when performing etc.

"I love my new figure. All the fabulous clothes I can wear and get sent, I joke that I’m like a walking billboard now. But I won’t be taking my clothes off – no way at all. Beyonce and Rihanna can have that. I like to cover up more. I won’t do Playboy. Playboy can call, and wait. That’s just not me," Hudson told The Daily Mirror in 2011.