Brian McKnight Plans to Record ‘Interactive’ Album, Inspired by Beyonce

More and more artists are taking advantage of this new digital/social media world we now live in!

Inspired by Beyonce’s surprise, straight-to-digital album Beyonce, which was released in December along with a plethora of videos, R&B veteran Brian McKnight has announced he's planning on releasing an "interactive" album, Brian McKnight Interactive.

''It was really exciting what Beyoncé did because in one day she sort of changed the landscape of the music business … All of a sudden, boom, her album was there. I think that showed people you don't necessarily have to have this huge marketing machine behind you to be successful in this business," he told BANG Showbiz.

To be launched on his site, fans will be able to download a new song and video every month after witnessing the recording process via weekly videos, all for the super low price of $1/month, which equals $12 for a year. “It’s like a club,” explains McKnight. “My fans will also be able to comment on that process as it's unfolding. I'll take on comments from the fans, it'll be as interactive for me as it is for them."

McKnight is showing no signs of slowing down during the 22nd year of his successful music career; just last year, he released his 15th studio album, More Than Words, and he is currently on the road with Eric Benet in Europe and Australia (remaining dates below).

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Should be interesting…This new social media trend of releasing music is definitley here to stay!

Brian McKnight & Eric Benet Live In Concert Dates

1/30 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

2/1 – Berlin, Germany

2/2 – Frankfurt, Germany

2/4 – Oberhausen, Germany

2/5 – Hamburg, Germany

2/6 – Stuttgart, Germany

2/8 – Copenhagen, Denmark

2/9 – Stockholm, Sweden

3/2 – Brisbane, Australia

3/3 – Sydney, Australia

3/5 – Melbourne, Australia

3/7 – Perth, Australia