Tamar Braxton: I’m Not A Lucky Girl

Tamar Braxton may appear to have earned tons of success in reality TV, daytime talk and music overnight, but it didn't just happen. According to the Grammy-nominated "Love and War" singer, all of it took years of work and perseverance.

"The difference is I'm not a lucky girl who got a chance to be on a reality show and decided to do a record. I am a singer who's on a reality show, who got an opportunity to do an album, so it was backwards for me. I was always a singer first, and I will always be a singer first," the "All The Way Home" singer shared with the Associated Press recently.

Fresh off Grammy weekend, including the recognition that comes with being nominated for several awards, Tamar Braxton says it's still new and maybe a little unexpected.

"I still can't believe it. I'm still numb to it," she shared.

You can catch Tamar Braxton on the current season of "Braxton Family Values." The series airs Thursday nights at 9 pm on WEtv.