Will Bieber Be Around For The Grammys?

It’s hard being young, gifted, and Bieber. In the midst of Grammy week, the "All That Matters" pop star and his crew has been "caught up" in the news after he was arrested for suspicion of DUI during a drag race through the streets of Miami (that would make the folks from the Fast & The Furious cast jealous.) Evidence from surveillance and GPS tracking devices tell a different story.

Now, Bieber is in Panama joined by manager Scooter Braun and Usher. It seems Scooter Braun and Usher along with the rest of his team are down there for what it seems is an intervention. Even one of his child hood friend, Ryan Butler, is down in Panama says TMZ.

Not only did Justin Bieber have a fast and furious moment in MIA, but he also made the news for egging his neighbor, which turned into a raid by police. The police arrested Biebers friend Lil Za for possession of drugs.

Now, there is talk of Bieber allegedly abusing Promethazine and Codeine mix that the streets call lean and Xanax.

With all this going on, do you think he will make it to the Grammy's? (Let's hope he sits this one out and gets his stuff together.)