Glenn Lewis has moved up the chart from third last week to the leader of this week's Most Played R&B Songs by Independent Artists. The Canadian vet's placement on Love & Hip Hop raise him higher in Google search as individuals search to hear "Closer." Filled with lyrics of a confident man singing to his lady, "I've never gonna let you go/I'll make you mine for life darling/ And I'ma love you, so the whole world knows." The track is featured on Lewis' 2013 album 'Moment of Truth – Present.'

Chicago newcomer, Taylor Mallory's new single "Sober" featuring E. Frank cut into the top three position before landing third on Singersroom's Most Played R&B Songs By Indie Artists. The songwriting on the single illustrates a creative cocktail on how painfully quick relationships move from love to hate. It is the second song from Taylor's forthcoming mixtape, Backpack R&B, the first single was "Olivia Pope."

Right out of a bronze medal is Tay Walker. It was not his affiliations with Mac Miller or The Internets that lead listeners to "Fade Away." It is silky smooth voice gliding through the experimental jazz instrumental. The up-and-coming Californian native is working on a full-length album with Quadron's Coco O., but "Fade Away" is from his last release entitled 'The Tay Walker EP.'

Go through the entire R&B chart to see where Danity Kane, Chaz, Eric Bellinger, J.Ab, Kofi Black, and Kendall Dahhling falls.

Chaz - Song of Sorrow

Chaz – Song of Sorrow

To all the lonely birds of the world, New York City-based boutique R&B and soul artist Chaz Langley understands your “Song of Sorrow.

J.Ab - Something Bout Ya

J.Ab – Something Bout Ya

Cleveland’s J. Ab is totally infatuated with a certain siren in “Somethin Bout Ya.

“Somethin Bout Ya” follows the single “Make Love,” and will appear on his forthcoming album, Bangers and BangHers, due out shortly.

Kofi Black - Ol School Love

Kofi Black – Ol School Love

Ghanaian newcomer Kofi Black is prepped for a few scars from passionate swings as he prefers the “O’ls School Love” at home rather than being single in the streets.

Kendall Dahhling - Reward

Kendall Dahhling – Reward

Kendall Dahhling may be a new artist on the block, but she has music in her blood: she's a part of the Debarge musical lineage, as her father is El Debarge.

Eric Bellinger - Road Trip

Eric Bellinger – Road Trip

A.-based songwriter Eric Bellinger releases "Road Trip," an ode to his special bae, suggesting a spontaneous, romantic getaway. Co-written by Joe Boom, Eric B. plans on taking care of his lady as he plots a spur-of the moment trip.

Eric Bellinger & Ty Dolla Sign - Or Nah (Remix)

Eric Bellinger & Ty Dolla Sign – Or Nah (Remix)

On the heels of his new music video for "I Don't Want Her," Eric Bellinger remixes Ty Dolla $ign's "Or Nah," which features Wiz Khalifah.

Tay Walker - Fade Away

Tay Walker – Fade Away

On “Fade Away,” the L.A. bred singer balances experimental jazz and soul; don’t worry it will not put you to sleep.

Taylor Mallory - Sober Ft. E Frank

Taylor Mallory – Sober Ft. E Frank

Following his Scandal-themed single “Olivia Pope,” Chicago's Taylor Mallory drops off a cut from his upcoming Backpack R&B mixtape called "Sober."

Danity Kane - Bye Baby

Danity Kane – Bye Baby

On “Bye Baby,” Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn, and Aundrea let funk lead the way as the bellow a stern statement about dropping unwanted baggage. With no plans on looking back, the ladies coos, “baby don’t cry, cry, baby.”

Glenn Lewis - Closer

Glenn Lewis – Closer

Glenn Lewis "feels fortunate" and he's making sure he keeps his lady close in his latest single "Closer."