Two ladies that even Patti Labelle would OK as divas, Toni Braxton and Alicia keys, ascended to first and second positions on Singersroom's Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week.

"Roller Coaster," a single from Toni Braxton's duet album with Babyface, leaked online this week. With the album entitled "Love, Marriage & Divorce," the theme is obvious, the guess work is the vocal performance from to certified vets. The duo's smooth vocals wind together as they share the track.

Alicia Keys was on Toni Braxton's heels; she fell into the second spot on Singersroom's Most Popular R&B Songs of the Week. The day Alicia Keys decided to launch The Vault, she also honored Muther Luther King Jr. by dropping "Power." The unreleased cutfrom 2007 can lead an empowerment march.

Eric Bellinger, a songwriter transitioning into a solo career, entered the chart with two songs, "Or Nah (Remix)" and "Road Trip." His two offerings are an appetizer and dessert. On his remix of Ty Dolla $ign "Or Nah," Bellinger bluntly unloads a list of bedroom fantasys before he offers the perils of a "Road Trip" as a confirmation of his adoration.

Go through the entire R&B chart to see where Candice Glover, Mariah Carey, Danity Kane, Tay Walker, Glenn Lewis and Taylor Mallory land.

Eric Bellinger - Road Trip

Eric Bellinger – Road Trip

A.-based songwriter Eric Bellinger releases "Road Trip," an ode to his special bae, suggesting a spontaneous, romantic getaway. Co-written by Joe Boom, Eric B. plans on taking care of his lady as he plots a spur-of the moment trip.

Mariah Carey - Say Something Ft Snoop Dogg

Mariah Carey – Say Something Ft Snoop Dogg

It might be six years old but apparaently Mariah Carey's "Say Something" is in demand. This is a sign the diva needs to return.

Eric Bellinger - Or Nah (Remix) Ft Ty Dolla Sign

Eric Bellinger – Or Nah (Remix) Ft Ty Dolla Sign

On the heels of his new music video for "I Don't Want Her," Eric Bellinger remixes Ty Dolla $ign's "Or Nah," which features Wiz Khalifah.

Tay Walker - Fade Away

Tay Walker – Fade Away

On “Fade Away,” the L.A. bred singer balances experimental jazz and soul; don’t worry it will not put you to sleep.

Taylor Mallory - Sober Ft Frank

Taylor Mallory – Sober Ft Frank

Following his Scandal-themed single “Olivia Pope,” Chicago's Taylor Mallory drops off a cut from his upcoming Backpack R&B mixtape called "Sober."

Danity Kane - Bye Baby

Danity Kane – Bye Baby

Glenn Lewis - Closer

Glenn Lewis – Closer

Glenn Lewis "feels fortunate" and he's making sure he keeps his lady close in his latest single "Closer."

Candice Glover - Damn

Candice Glover – Damn

Candice Glover’s debut album Music Speaks, looks like someone couldn’t take it anymore and leaked cut number four titled “Damn

Alicia Keys - Power

Alicia Keys – Power

The 2007 unreleased track's timely liberation on Martin Luther King Jr Day is empowering and carries a message that's valuable in any era. Keys rhythm on “Power” will make you march for a cause.

Toni Braxton & Babyface - Roller Coaster

Toni Braxton & Babyface – Roller Coaster

It looks like now there’s been a leak from the set, the first song on the tracklist called “Roller Coaster,” and as the title would suggest, it deals with the ups, downs, and zigzags of a relationship.