Actually, K. Michelle Can Raise a Man!

The latest single that K. Michelle is pushing is entitled "Can't Raise A Man," which debuted at no.49 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Chart this week. Lifted from her debut album, Rebellious Soul, the truthful relationship record tells women to “run for the hills” if they see signs that their mate is acting like a boy!

Contrary to the record, K. Michelle is a single mother who is raising her own son, and she puts on a different face when it comes to his upbringing.

She previously told us, “Going through a lot with men and having a son, that’s a big challenge. You don’t wanna be so bitter that he looks at you and say, ‘I don’t like women or are all women like this?’”

She continued: “Children look at what they see growing up, so I’m very positive around my son. I tell him to treat women with respect, we don’t yell…we don’t hit women, and he knows that.”

With her hectic career, Michelle also insist communication is key when raising a child. “Balancing parenting and being a singer, reality star and all that, it’s a lot, like I have a lot of nights that I miss my son. He knows what’s going on, he’s very supportive, so that does help…But what I have to do is just say I’m doing it for him…I know it’s for a bigger goal for the both of us.”

So, under that hurt and fighter persona you’ve become accustomed to from Michelle, it definitely doesn’t detour her from handling her business…raising a man, who will one day make a record called… “She Raised A Man.”

In related news, K. Michelle will drop her latest mixtape, Still No F**ks Given, on Valentine’s Day.

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