Algebra Blessett Says She Needs Resolve After Being Hurt By Love

Atlanta singer-songwriter Algebra Blessett returns with her sophomore album ‘Recovery’ five years after the release of her freshman LP ‘Purpose’. ‘Recovery’ was postponed due to her involvement with the musical ‘Rebirth’.

“I knew what I wanted to do with this album,” she tells Singersroom.

Her focus and introspective perspective are expressed through her sound, message and even artwork. She quickly explained her experience with love and the need for resolve when it comes to dealing with hurt.

She adds: “I deal with hurt and happiness the same. There has to be a resolve. When I’m hurting I can't write about certain things at that time. I do believe in resolve … the resolution of whatever. I can go in with the best of them. If you want to name call or use things you know about me against me I have some daggers myself. I can write about why did someone do this to me. I can write songs about what happened to me but at the end of that song that has to be a resolution. I can’t stay all messed up with tears on my pillow forever.”

Check Algebra out at S.O.B’s for her release of her album on January 28, 2014.