Internal Investigation Launched…Is Chris Brown Being Mistreated in DC Case?

The misdemeanor assault case against Chris Brown pertaining to an incident that happened in Washington, D.C. has taken a new turn.

As previously reported, Brown, who is currently on probation for his 2009 conviction for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna, was allegedly involved in a fight outside of his hotel.

Brown, who maintains his innocence over the incident, appeared in court last week and rejected the prosecutors' offer to reduce the count to simple assault in exchange for a guilty plea.

This was a clever move by Brown’s attorney, since a guilty plea could be in violation of his probation, which intern could land him in the slammer. In addition, he wanted to review surveillance video footage from the night of the incident before entering any negotiations.

Now, according to new reports, authorities in D.C. have launched an internal affairs investigation into the incident over claims that an officer, who was at the scene of the incident, reportedly told one of Brown's acquaintances that the singer had never punched the alleged victim.

According to police records, the R&B star's unidentified pal relayed the conversation to detectives in charge of the case, only for the cop in question to deny even speaking to the witness.

As we previously reported, a uniformed Secret Service agent was also on the scene at the time and had spoken out in support of Brown's affiliate after overhearing the reported chat – and now the conflicting evidence is under review.

A statement released to The Associated Press from Police Chief Cathy Lanier reads: "We are aware of the discrepancy among witness statements in the Chris Brown case. This is not uncommon in cases with multiple witnesses involved. We have received no complaint of misconduct on the part of any officer in this matter."

Whether Chris Brown committed an offense or not is not our place to judge (that’s why we have a legal system), but it would be a disgrace for the boys in blue if they didn’t follow the right protocols.

We know some people would like to see Brown in the slammer, but launching an internal investigation was the right move!

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