Really! Toni Braxton’s Mom Facing Prosecution For “Protecting Herself”

Toni Braxton’s mom Evelyn is still waiting to hear back from New York’s district attorney’s office on whether she will be charged for an illegal device.

Apparently, the Braxton family matriarch and star of Braxton Family Values was arrested at a New York airport last year after a Taser was found in her handbag. She asserts that the device was for protection from a stalker and says she didn’t know it was illegal in New York.

"I have a stalker and so, with the advice of my lawyer, he told me to get a Taser to protect myself… so I bought a Taser and I forgot it was in my purse," Evelyn told Arsenio. Her daughter Towanda added, "We had no idea that the Taser was illegal in New York, so when she went through security they arrested her."

This case should have been thrown out already, but we all know how prosecutors love to pad their resumes, especially when it involves a celebrity. And the possibility of jail time…that’s just ridiculous.

"That's a very devastating thing, especially when you're trying to live your life and you're trying to be an example… and then you end up a jailbird," Evelyn adds.

Nonetheless, we pray that this all works out for Evelyn and that she can continue to be an astute role model for families.

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