Demetria McKinney – Work With Me

Demetria McKinney, known by many as Janine from Tyler Perry's House of Payne, is definitely all around talented and not to mention sexy. In the visuals for her sensual ballad, "Work With Me," she lays her flaws on the line and invites her beau to accept her imperfections. We must say Demetria; anyone will respect those wishes unless you are a psycho, then we’re treading different waters.

"There are countless songs that talk about problems we have with our men and how they need to get themselves together or get out," says McKinney about the record. "This song is just the opposite. We as women have imperfections too, and it’s okay to admit. So, I recorded a song about it."

We usual quinge at the thought of actors trying to be singers, but we have to say Demetria pulls this off without a hitch. No, she doesn’t have that big voice, but her lyrical content and ethereal approach to music is thought-provokingly enjoyable.

"Work With Me" will appear on Demetria’s forthcoming EP, 'Officially Yours'.

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