Free At Last: JoJo Gets to Release Music Commercially Again

That beautiful voice that was stricken from fans due to contractual and label issues gets another shot at stardom.

JoJo and her legal team are counting their blessings after finally triumphing from the choke hold of Blackground Records, her recording home since signing with the imprint when she was 13 years old.

As previously reported, JoJo filed her lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court in July (2013), claiming she was a minor when her deal was inked, so by law the label could only hold her to the contract after a period of seven years. She also contended that the failure to pay producers and others, for their services, has done even more damage to her career because her reputation has been sullied.

So, how did JoJo celebrate the end of an extensive battle and her newfound freedom?

According to the LA Times, the songbird inked a major record deal with Atlantic Records.

Good news for her dedicated fan base, since she will be able to release music on her terms, instead of leaking one-off songs and covers (even though those held us over equitably well).

Let’s go Jo! Singersroom is ready for you!

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