Jade De Lafleur – Brown Box (Unplugged)

Jade De Lafleur is a full bowl of sexy with chocolate swirls and a cherry on top. However, it is her music and vibe that is hypnotic and infectious. In the midst of microwave music, Jade brings us into her oasis of honest expression. In her new joint 'Brown Box,' she gives us her best and leaves us thristy for more. This sultry song is all about women empowerment and the expression of sexuality or as she would say, her "itty bitty brown box."

Check out her live performance of 'Brown Box,' which is just one of her many in her live series. Enjoy the vibe as she get's her hair done and pay attention to the subtle subtext.

Written – Cory Chorus & Jade De Lafleur

Check out the official video.

Directed – Jordan Riggs H5C

Produced – The Page Bros