Daley on His U.S. Invasion: “Different Cities Have Different Vibes”

Daley is one of the latest British soul singers to take the U.S. by storm. Supporting his three EPs (Those Who Wait, Along Together, and Broken), the singer-songwriter has toured from the East to the West Coast, and he recently caught up with Singersroom to talk about the different cities he has set foot on and how it affected his performance.

“Different cities have different vibes. Like Houston, Dallas and A.T.L. were crazy hype crowds, in fact, most of them have been. But Boston was more of an attentive listening crowd. They were cool, they were listeners, they were attentive,” Daley says. “I really don’t mind because they bring out a different performance in me. If I feel the crowd is hype, there are certain things I will do in the set. If they are just there to listen then I will do certain things to let that shine through.”

He continued: “Its instinct … thinking on my feet. I come prepared, and we work on a lot of stuff. We are prepared to throw something in if we need to. My band is good, so they are able to make changes we need according to the crowd.”

If you haven't checked this cat out live or listened to his music, you need to do yourself a favor and get familiar.