Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Jay Z Among Most Illegally Downloaded Artists in 2013

Rihanna and Bruno Mars have suffered some major hits when it comes to illegal downloads of their songs and albums in 2013.

According to a recent Musicmetric report, they make the list of artists that have been pirated heavily to the tune of millions.

Joining Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Drake, Flo Rida and Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Mars have been pirated at least five million times each this year.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Gregory Mead, a Musicmetric executive, said music fans are more likely to stream or download a track and then buy.

"Back in the day, people went into record shops to try records before they bought them," said Mead. "Nowadays, they download or stream a track and then perhaps buy a download or a gig ticket."