Beyonce Tops Album Chart For Second Week, Digital Sales Outpace Physical

Beyonce's self-titled album, "Beyonce," is officially number one in the U.S. for a second week.

Led by the single "Drunk In Love," the album has retained its position at the summit thanks to 374,000 copies sold in the last week.

Billboard broke the news Thursday confirming that the album not only retained number one, but it outpaced her last album, "4," and sold more digital copies than physical copies (despite physical copies of the album not being made available until late last week).

"Impressively, "Beyonce" sold more copies in its second chart week than the diva's last album, "4," did in its debut on the chart. The latter album was released in 2011 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 310,000. (And, the album was released on a traditional Tuesday, giving the set six days of sales in its debut frame.)," Billboard reports, noting that "4" sold 115,000 copies in its second week. "Although "Beyonce" became widely available in its second week, its digital sales remain strong (most of those coming from the iTunes Store). Of its 374,000 second week, downloads made up 63% (235,000). It was the top selling digital album of the week, and remains at No. 1 on the Digital Albums chart."

As widely reported, Target refused to stock the album citing its exclusive release through iTunes. With these numbers, it appears their decision to pass on the album had little effect on the album's success within the last week.

Counting her first week sales total of 617,000 copies in the U.S., 991,000 copies of Beyonce have now been sold in the U.S. alone.