Simon Cowell On X Factor’s Future: It’s Getting To Be Too Much

Simon Cowell may be taking on a new role away from the judges table on the next season of "X Factor USA." That is if network execs decide to bring back the struggling reality singing competition.

Speaking of the series, which dropped to roughly 5 million viewers per episode this season (in comparison to over 13 million an episode for "The Voice"), recently, Cowell implied that he would take on a different role if the show comes back for a fourth season.

"I think the show will be coming back next year. As to my role on it, I might have a different kind of role, we haven't discussed that yet," Cowell told Billboard before implying that the format may be too long for viewers, claiming it's like watching a movie every week. "The thing about these shows over the years is they started off as one-hour shows and now it's two hours or two and a half hours and then an hour show the next day. That's like watching a movie. It's getting to be probably too much. When the shows are popular, the networks want to make them longer and that's not necessarily a good thing."

Not for nothing, Cowell has a point. Sitting through two hours of singing on a Wednesday night is a lot and has honestly been a turn off for me as a viewer. The only thing that makes that two hours bearable is amazing talent and a panel of judges that are entertaining.

That said, it's unclear what the panel might look like next year. As previously reported, Demi Lovato has already announced that she will not return for a fourth season. She intends to focus on touring and a new studio album.

"What we have with 'X Factor' is a huge core fan base that loves the show but we have got to be more than that. We're in the middle of a conversation about this is what we think the show should look like, what the fans would like, so my role may change but I can't say any more than that," said Simon Cowell.