R. Kelly Announces King & Queen Tour With Mary J. Blige

Are R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige gearing up to hit the road for a North American tour in 2014? According to R. Kelly, that is in the works.

"We're working on the Black Panties tour right now, but before we get into the "Black Panties Tour," I'm going on tour with Mary J. We're doing a King and Queens tour," Kelly told WBLS 107.5 during a recent interview.

While details on the tour, including when it will kick off and how long it will run, aren't yet available, Kelly is looking forward to performing songs from his recently released album,"Black Panties."

"My favorite joint off of this album is Marry The P*ssy," R. Kelly tells WBLS in the clip below. "It speaks to the ladies without beating around the bush. You tell them how you feel about the p*ssy. How you feel about them. It's not a beat around the bush song. It's right there in your face."