Janelle Monae On ‘Electric Lady’ and 2014: ‘We’re Not Stopping or Sitting Back’

Janelle Monae is not resting on the success of her breakthrough effort "The Electric Lady."

Speaking with Billboard during their annual Women In Music event, where she was honored Tuesday, Monae discussed the success of her album and what fans can look forward to in the coming year.

"My journey is continuing. We’re not stopping or sitting back and reflecting or saying, “Hey, I’ve made it, I’ve arrived.” I’ve acknowledged it, and am acknowledging now, how encouraging it is to be recognized. This year, releasing "The Electric Lady" — which is deeply rooted in community and the female protagonist story of our community—has been such a great joy to be able to tell stories about these women—these unconventional, universal stories that don’t get talked about or discussed all the time," Monae shared with Billboard. "I made sure that "The Electric Lady" had strong themes, so many walks of life. And now going out and performing the songs and looking at young girls in the audience being inspired by the album, to tour and know that these stories are really encouraging young girls—to know that they see themselves in the album, as a part of this movement—it’s a sign of success. I feel as though we’re continuing to try to be successful and being just that."

Looking forward to 2014, Monae said touring will be a big part of the year.

"We’re just going to tour. We’ve had an incredible time. I go out with my band, we’ve been selling out pretty much all of our shows, so I’m focused on the present right now. I try not to travel to the future or into the past. Now we’re in the present and we’re live and in color. We’re having one of the most visceral experiences. I don’t generally speak on what 2014 holds, because for 2013, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have been recognized by Billboard, so who knows what will happen," said Monae. "But that’s the great thing about life: It takes so many unexpected turns. I’m just going to roll with it, and fully invest myself in every experience 2014 has to offer."

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