SWV’s New Reality TV Show Premieres in January

SWV’s WeTV reality show will premiere in households on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 10pm.

The show will follow Lelee, Taj, and Coko during their everyday lives as they tour, write new music, repair friendships and navigate the music industry.

"…You know us as SWV the music, but I don’t think you guys know our individual personalities," Coko told UB. "You think you know us, but you don’t really know us. Like most people would consider me to be a bitch and whatever! But you really get to see like who we are. How we operate in our everyday life with our family. Our family and how we come together within the group. You get to learn about our break-up. You have three different stories, so you guys can believe whatever story you want (both laugh). It’s three different versions about the same story (laughs). So you get to hear about that. You see us fight, but we’re passionate about each other and we love each other. We’re just rebuilding our friendship. In this show, we go to therapy. Two of us have plastic surgery."

With help from manager Cory Taylor, who curated the deal, WeTV confirmed that at least six episodes have been ordered.

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