Pharrell and Usher Reunite For New Music, Plus Pharrell Talks Solo Album

Pharrell Williams and Usher are back in the studio working on new music, including a track that will feature T.I.

Pharrell shared some of the creative process with Complex in a recent interview.

"Over the next 45 minutes, a gospel-flavored vocal line, some electronic guitar riffs, and an unexplainable horse sound are added to the beat. The people in the room chuckle, including Pharrell’s soon-to-be wife, Helen, who’s clad in a Billionaire Girls Club hoodie. P goes on about his business," reports Complex writer Joe La Puma. "Ten minutes later, Usher walks in the room, running a pick through his well-shaped afro. Pharrell plays the Timbo x Gospel x Horse beat for him and the megastars begin to dance in unison. When Usher hears the horse sound for the first time, he falls out. It’s only after someone on Pharrell’s team tells the room, “Bet you didn’t know, Usher was born in the year of the horse,” that the meaning behind the equine sonic reference comes into focus."

In related news, Pharrell is also focused on his own solo album, which will be his first in over five years.

"It’s focused. Like I told you, that’s the difference between 30 and 40. ’Cause I was 30, now I’m 40 — and I’m not rapping," Pharrell says of the album, due in 2014. "It’s always going to be different, because the artists are different. There isn’t a set formula for anything. I don’t paint the Mona Lisa, I just build the backdrops for the painting. I don’t make Jay Z."

For more of Pharrell's interview, visit Complex.