Alicia Keys to Reveal Unreleased Music, Secrets, Mysteries, More with The Vault (Video)

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is offering her fans some never heard or seen before content via her real life vault. The music superstar launched a special website to distribute this unreleased content to her followers.

“At my studio there’s a vault, a real live vault, old school style with the big knob that you have to turn and have a code to unlock it. Inside the vault is all the unreleased albums that I’ve ever done, songs that I’ve written, pictures, live performances, all the things that are really special to me, but I never quite known what to do with them,” Keys states in a special Youtube video. “That’s why I decided to create the vault.”

In addition to music, the vault also has “magazines and photos that I never put out of special performances, moments inside the studio, etc.”

For the fans who want to get a more in depth look into Keys’ life, she insist, “You’re even going to get a peek into what I’m doing when you’re not there, cause I’m gonna let you inside.”

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