Jaheim and Chrisette Michele Soars with MSG “Appreciation” Tour Stop

Jaheim and Chrisette Michele have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Over 3000 fans supported the R&B crooners on Tuesday, November 26th at Madison Square Garden and what a treat it was for NYC!

First, Chrisette blessed the stage singing her hits, "Be Ok," "If I Had My Way," "Super," "Better," "Blame It On Me," and "What You Do ft Ne-Yo." She hypnotized the audience with her form-fitting gold dress that insinuated her curves. STUNNING was the theme for Michele that night. Along with talent, presentation is the key, making her performance soulful and eye-catching. Concertgoers watched the Grammy award winning singer and songwriter hit those high notes. It was like watching a masterpiece in full effect on stage. Michele ended her segment with "A Couple of Flowers," a future wedding song for most couples.

After Michele's classy performance, a fifteen-minute intermission took place so Jaheim could make his way to the stage. Fans were ready to see the Jersey native shut the stage down with his charm, stage presence, swag, and most importantly the voice. NYC wanted to be in tuned with the voice that grabbed their attention 12 years ago when he released his debut album.

The wait was finally over…Jaheim stepped on stage. Ladies were screaming from the tops of their lungs. They were ready to eat him up with his all black pressed down suit. Fellas respected the crooner for recording those hits that will make you fall in love, laugh, cry, and dance. But, for Jaheim, it was a humbling experience. He was puzzled as to why his fans want to see him still and they simply said, "YOU." Jaheim started off singing, "Find My Way," and then the smash singles throughout the years, "Ain't Leavin Without You," "Could It Be," "Anything ft Next," three songs from his new album: "Baby," "P**** Appreciation Day," and "Chase You Forever," along with "Put That Woman First," and "Let's Talk About It." The song, "Age Ain't A Factor," is a special song dedicated to the ladies who have age gracefully and who are full of eloquence. It's a wake up call for men whom tend to forget the special qualities in a woman. It was time to promote the sexy, hardworking, independent, and charismatic women.

Jaheim changed his wardrobe when he sang songs from R&B icons Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass. He schooled his fans when his notes were on point when he sang, "Superstar," "Close the Door," or "My Latest, Greatest Inspiration." He ended with "Just In Case," his biggest hit to date.

As he exited the stage, adoring fans made sure they got a few feels from the singer. It was like a riot because ladies were determined to mark their territory. Jaheim was the prey, and the ladies were the predators. They grasped everything the singer had on stage from jackets, hoodies, T-Shirts, and his bottle of water.

NYC was presented with true talent as Jaheim and Chrisette Michele entertained their fans from beginning to the end. They expressed their level of respect for each other and look forward to working together on a special musical project. Whatever the case may be, Jaheim and Chrisette can only get better with time. The musicians have truly evolved over the years because their odes for life and love were revealed on stage.

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