Kelly Clarkson Talks First Trimester, Canceling Shows & The Voice

Kelly Clarkson did not follow what some might call an unwritten rule, which is to wait at least three months or so to announce the fact that you are pregnant.

Speaking with "Today" about the early announcement, Clarkson says she didn't want people to think she was becoming "lazy" and cared less about her fans due to canceled or postponed shows and/or events.

"We were trying to wait until the end of my first trimester because you're supposed to, I guess, because you're less likely to have a miscarriage. But everybody kept talking about it and I had to cancel something because I've been so ill. I didn't want people to think I was cancelling because I'm lazy or something, so we just told people," Clarkson shared.

With the news out there, Clarkson feels a lot more comfortable and she is more than happy to talk about what she is experiencing, including morning sickness.

"I don't know why they call it morning sickness. That's my big joke right now because it's all day and all night. I am super-excited about being pregnant, though. I'm just looking forward to the second trimester . . . they say it's better," said Clarkson.

In related news, Kelly Clarkson will be performing on "The Voice" this week.

Slated to appear Tuesday, December 3, Clarkson will be performing "Underneath the Tree" from her just released Christmas album "Wrapped in Red."

"The Voice" airs on NBC.