Conrad Murray’s Mouth Lands Cease and Desist Letter From MJ’s Estate

Michael Jackson’s former Doctor, Conrad Murray, is being threatened with legal action by the King of Pop’s estate for running his mouth in an interview with a U.K. newspaper.

Murray was released from prison last month (Oct 2013) after serving half of his four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s 2009 death, and now he’s trying to convince naysayers that it wasn’t his fault. He claims MJ took more Propofol than prescribed, that he was a "decrepit" and "frail" man who would beg for drugs to help him sleep, and more bizarre claims.

After seeing the interview, lawyers for Jackson’s estate sent Murray a cease and desist letter, warning him to stop talking or face a lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the letter reads: “Your recent comments to the media about Mr. Jackson's medical treatment and ultimate death shamefully violate the physician-patient privilege under California law.”

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