Chris Brown’s DC Assault Case Postponed Until The New Year

A judge has granted Chris Brown’s lawyers’ request to postpone his Washington, D.C. assault case until January 8, 2014 so they can perform more due diligence.

During a hearing on Monday (Nov 25), Brown’s attorneys disclosed that they were unable to properly sit down with their client to collect particulars for the cause because he was in rehab.

As previously reported, Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault for an incident last month (Oct 2013) outside the W Hotel in D.C. for allegedly punching a man who tried to jump into a photo with the singer.

A California judge recently ordered him to do another 90 days of rehab after he had a violent explosion and reportedly threw a brick through his mother's car window after she pleaded for him to extend his stay in rehab.

He has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault.

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