R&B Wins Broadway: ‘Motown The Musical’ and ‘After Midnight’ Rake In Millions

With stars like Fantasia Barrino and visionaries like Berry Gordy, R&B, Soul and Jazz music is winning on Broadway right now.

According to recent sales tallies, musical efforts "Motown The Musical" and "After Midnight" are pulling in millions of dollars and filling theaters at performance rates as high as 98 percent.

"Motown: The Musical," which opened in March, has grossed over $47.8 million with average ticket prices at $113.01 and a total of 423,850 seats sold.

"After Midnight," which opened just a few weeks ago and features "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino and actor Dule HIll, is also doing very well.

According to Broadway World, "After Midnight" opened during the week of October 20 with $235,823 in sales and has been growing every week since — up to $585,515 the week of Nov. 10.

Overall "After Midnight" has grossed over $2.25 million since its opening in October with an average ticket price of $70.98.

Tickets for both well rated productions are available now. If you haven't already, you can watch teasers for both shows in videos above.