K. Michelle Cries ‘Photoshop,’ Talks Vaginal ‘Hot Pocket’ Photo

K. Michelle did not go on stage with a sheer pair of leggings and no undergarments. Nor did she show a venue full of fans her "hot pocket."

According to K. Michelle, the outfit she had on Saturday night, at The Shrine in Chicago, IL, was photo-shopped to make it look like her "hot pocket" was visible (as pictured).

"Y'all tweeting about a photo shopped picture of my hot pocket. U broke bums should ask somebody to photo shop your pockets 2make them fatter," the "Pay My Bills" singer wrote (via Twitter) after she became a trending topic late Saturday night. "We crave a different kind of buzz."

I can't necessarily say the pictures were photo-shopped like K. Michelle claims. While the pictures above look like her "hot pocket" was out for everyone to see, if you watch the video below you can see it was just the fit of her outfit…