Nick Cannon, NBC Move Forward With ‘Soul Train’

Soul Train is coming back early next year via NBC.

Producer and host Nick Cannon shared new details about the reboot of the series, which he has obtained the rights to re-produce, earlier this week.

"We're getting ready to shoot in January in L.A.. We're bringing it back (via) NBC. This is going to be a brand new show coming on NBC before "Saturday Night Live (SNL)." Dancing. Performers. The same way Don Cornelius used to do it, but we're stepping it up," Cannon told The Breakfast Club on Power 105. "It's going to have like that Great Gatsby type of swag where everybody gotta come dressed all the way up. We're shooting it in a nightclub. It's gonna be crazy."

Cannon is passionate about the return of "Soul Train," adding that he was once a Soul Train dancer.

"Not only am I producing it, I’m hosting it. We got the rights. But it’s like full circle for me. A lot of people don’t know the first time I was ever on national television I was a 'Soul Train' dancer," he told HuffPost Live earlier this year. "It’s a passion project of mine. Obviously, what it means to our culture … One, it was one of the longest-running syndicated television shows in history, and then, it just did so much for us, for our style, for our fashion. Saturday morning, you knew what was cool by what was on 'Soul Train.'"