Patti LaBelle Talks Diana Ross, Music Career on ‘Next Chapter’

Patti LaBelle and Oprah Winfrey had a great and, at times, eye opening interview from the Apollo Theater on "Oprah's Next Chapter" Sunday.

In the clips below, Oprah and LaBelle sat down and discussed the meaning of music, LaBelle's career and the alleged riff or beef that she had with Diana Ross.

"Let me tell you the truth. When we finally got back together it was at your house (Oprah), at the Legend's Ball. For years it would be The Supremes. They were fabulous and they were the best and we were Patti LaBelle and The Blue Bells and were performing here (at the Apollo) on stage and we wore these Gold beautiful suits. The Supremes came on right after us. We had two songs, they had about three or four, with the same (suits)…. It was always an in and out thing," LaBelle tells Oprah in the clip above. "I would hear things that Diana might have said about me, which she probably didn't. You know how people keep stuff going…."

According to LaBelle, they are now on good terms.

"I never wanted a riff with her because I love her talent. She's one of the best out there. So, we exchanged phone numbers and started talking after the (Legend's) ball," said LaBelle.