Danity Kane Talks Coming Back Stronger Than Ever, Not Being Boxed In

Danity Kane is currently in the studio recording their third studio album, and their first since “reuniting as four” early this year. In a recent visit to 92.3 Now, Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn, and Aundrea spoke candidly about the forthcoming opus and their reunion, insisting “this time is right.”

“It just got to a point where we were reaching a place in all our individual career where we felt like we established a lot of the things we wanted to develop within ourselves, but we were still missing the pieces of what we had started off with and we didn’t want anyone to define that for us,” the group admits to host Miley. “There’s unfinished business here.”

As far as the much-anticipated upcoming album, the group says they plan to come back “stronger” than ever.

“We’ve just really been all about the art; we’ve been all about making music, creating new sounds, pushing ourselves vocally, with the choreography, really coming back stronger than we’ve ever been, and making sure we have everything to offer our fans,” adds DK.

On how the project will sound, the group says they don’t have a name for it, but they are “choosing to do music that we love, music that influences us.”

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