Chris Brown May Get Saved By a Secret Service Agent in His Misdemeanor Assault Case

Chris Brown may have a knight in shining armor in a Secret Service agent, who was reportedly patrolling the area during the alleged incident when he allegedly struck a man in the face.

As previously reported, Brown was hit with a felony misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly assaulting a man in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

Now, according to TMZ, the secret service agent made contact with DC police and said he was in the vicinity when the victim told the cop that Brown never hit him, and he’s sticking to his story.

Having an SSA as a witness is great for Brown and could destroy the victim’s case against him.

Brown, who is looking at up to four years in prison if his probation is revoked, is in a better position with this caliber witness.

He recently checked himself into a rehab center.

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