Bow Wow and Lil Mo Speak On Chris Brown: Keep Yo Head Up

Chris Brown is headed to rehab to gain some "insight" and better "focus," but what do fellow recording artists and friends have to say about his recent arrest and misdemeanor assault charge?

According to Bow Wow, Chris needs to focus on one thing and that is music.

"Been homies since day 1. Im talking bout got money together so much like bros if you aint have it on you my n*gga it was nothing i got you! Same on both ends! Keep yo head up stay focused you got a gift that your fans appreciate. Dont give these people no more reason to talk," Bow Wow wrote in an open letter to Chris via Instagram this week. "Deliver them hits and focus on what YOU gotta do!"

In related news, Lil Mo says Chris needs better people around him and maybe his mama.

"Listen!! It is PRAYING TIME. I do NOT like to see my co-workers self destruct. Dear CB. FIRE EVERYBODY. God will send YOU who YOU NEED #amen," Lil Mo wrote on Twitter following his arrest Sunday. She later spoke with Sister 2 Sister magazine about the situation, saying "I really want Chris Brown to be delivered. I think he can bounce back."

"I’m really praying for that situation,” she said. “He needs his mama back around him. You need the people that really love and care for you.”

All of that said, lets hope that Chris Brown gets the help that he needs and comes back out on top.