Trevor Jackson Talks Collaboration Wish List, Music vs Movies, Picking Up Girls, More

Singer, actor, dancer Trevor Jackson is on a mission to be great, all while being humble. The Atlantic Records triple threat just wrapped a high school tour with label-mate Justine Skye and teased fans with the EP, #NewThang. Now readying his debut album, Trevor is prepared to show the world that he wants to make history. Check out our quick chat with the young crooner as he talks music, movies, his creative process, talking to girls and more.

On discovering music: Me and my brother…before we go to bed we would always play like an Usher album, a Michael album or an R. Kelly album, and we would act out every song. He had the karaoke mic, we were in there singing. He started singing first, and I was dancing and then he started teaching me how to sing…and I took off with singing.

On his debut EP #NewThang: I'm super excited. Lot of those records are gonna go on the album, but fans were really begging for some records now, so I decided to put them on the EP…I'm just really thankful that they're enjoying what I put so much work into.

On his creative process: A song has to really hit me, If I don't feel it…the song doesn't really come together like the way I intended to…There has been many times that songs that I don't like, I'll cut it…and end up loving it. It has to have substance…I'm not a huge fan of songs here today gone tomorrow; I really wanna make history with my music.

On his Collaboration wish list: I would love to work with Drake, Kendrick (Lamar), I like J. Cole, I would like to work with Sevyn (Streeter), I think she's incredible, Machine Gun Kelly, I like a large variety of people but pretty much anyone…who eat, breathe, and sleep music.

On movies and music: I hate watching myself on screen, that's why I love music, because if I do a song, and I don't like it…I'll go back in and I'm able to fix it. With movies, when it's done it's done.

On being young and famous: I don't think of it as me being famous, just me doing what I love to do, and that's just entertain the world…If everybody went after their passion and did what they love to do, everybody would be so much happier.

On picking up girls: I really just say what's on my mind. If a girl walks by me, I would say 'your beautiful'…I don't like to act like I need something, but I like to let them know that I appreciate what they have.

On a Trevor Jackson show: You should expect a lot of fun, a lot of dancing, it should be like you're going to a party…I make you have fun, even if you don't wanna have fun.

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