Brandy Talks Potential Gospel, Inspirational Album

Brandy might be ready to take a turn, working on and later releasing a Gospel album.

Speaking with James Fortune, on "The James Fortune Show," the "Have You Ever" singer opened up about the possibility of recording an album.

"I was thinking about that the other day. (I was like) I should really put together a Gospel/Inspirational type of album. That would be a dream come true," Brandy told Fortune.

According to Brandy, there are many Gospel recording artists that have shown love and at the same time, there are many that she would like to work with, including James Fortune.

"There are so many people that want to be uplifted and are craving for that truthful music. And a lot of people in the Gospel world show so much appreciation for me. I've come in contact with so many people that have shown me a lot of love. So, I would love to dibble and dabble in the word," Brandy joked. "That would be awesome."

Listen to a clip of her interview in audio below: