Lady Gaga Makes Changes, Ups R. Kelly Record To Second Single

Lady Gaga is so overwhelmed with the excitement over her collaboration with R. Kelly, titled "Do What U Want," that she's decided to make the track a single!

The "ARTPOP" diva broke the news via Twitter this week, telling fans that the song, "Venus," is still coming, but "Do What U Want" will now get full support as a single as well.

"Don't worry monsters! We are still scheduled to release ?#Venus? this Monday with a snippet on Friday! AND it will STILL have its own video! However we are overwhelmed by the worldwide response + excitement for DO WHAT U WANT feat. R KELLY & are happy to announce it as 2nd Single!," wrote Gaga.

Produced by Gaga and DJ White Shadow, the song was not intended to become a single at this point and was only used to promote the album and Beats By Dre in a commercial that premiered earlier this month.

Now that "Do What U Want" is a single, hopefully we'll see Lady Gaga and R. Kelly share the stage performing the song together and maybe a video as well.

"Do What U Want" is featured on Lady Gaga's new album, "ARTPOP," which is due for release next month.