Braxton Family Values Returns: Extended Teaser

The Braxtons are back and the continuation of season three is just around the corner.

In an extended teaser released by WE this week, the sisters cope with allegations that Traci's husband had an affair and may have fathered a child.

"Viewers can pick up right where the series last left off – with the shocking revelation that Traci's husband may have cheated on her and fathered a secret illegitimate child. Traci will not only confront her husband, but also her sisters, for the part they played in making the rumors even more public," reports WE. "Trina faces her own marital troubles and makes a heart-wrenching decision to file for a divorce from husband Gabe. This proves to be one of Trina's hardest challenges, because Gabe isn't willing to give up on their marriage just yet."

"Braxton Family Values" returns Thursday, Nov. 14 at 9 pm on WE.