The last time JoJo dropped an album was the year Twitter was launched. Seven years since her sophomore album 'The High Road', JoJo is in demand by her loyalist, which include over a half a million Twitter followers. A recent internet leak of "Besos" quickly captured the top spot on Singersroom's Indie Rotation.

JoJo recently closed a west coast tour, giving followers hope that while she untangles her legal affairs with Blackground Records, her career will progress forward.

For artists that start careers as kids, they can be viewed as a youngster even as they mature pass teenage years. That is why a hand full of entertainers changed or edited their names. Sammie is the last artist to name swap; now call him Leigh Bush. Under the new moniker, he dropped two records "Free Falling" and "Dancer" that both entered the Top Singles of the Week chart. Each song has a more mature tone.

Lamar Starzz is a new talent that has been featured several times on Singersroom since 2012. The new release of "A Man's Way of Thinking" answers the opposing sex question on – What a man not a boy thinks? The Atlanta based singer jump to third on Indie Rotation chart.

Starzz will release the follow-up to 'H.E.R' mixtape, 'H.E.R II' on the final day of the month, October 31.

Along with the artists above, Glenn Lewis, Tosh Alexander, Najee, Rob Write, London and Blackbear landed on Singersroom's top independent singles on the week.

JoJo - Besos

JoJo – Besos

Where are all the gentlemen at? JoJo’s tired of the disrespect from some men in this random leak called “Besos.” “You like my derriere cause it bounce like Jello / Hands to yourself now, don’t make me get ghetto / Acting like that, boy you can talk to my back / Never get my besos,” she dismisses.

Leigh Bush - Free Falling

Leigh Bush – Free Falling

After releasing his first single “Dancer,” Leigh Bush (formerly known as Sammie) continues to rev up the next phase of his career with this promo cut “Free Falling.” The tune is about having faith when falling in love, inspired by a friend’s situation.

Lamar Starzz - A Man's Way of Thinking

Lamar Starzz – A Man’s Way of Thinking

Ladies, want to understand an unfaithful man’s mind? Lamar Starzz rolls out another one, this time giving the ladies a peek into the psyche of a cheating man as he explains “A Man’s Way of Thinking.”

Blackbear - I Needed You

Blackbear – I Needed You

LA-based R&B singer-songwriter Blackbear offers this too-smooth-for-words freebie, “I Needed You,” for your downloading enjoyment.

Najee - In The Mood To Take It Slow Ft. Meli'sa Morgan

Najee – In The Mood To Take It Slow Ft. Meli’sa Morgan

R&B singer Meli’sa Morgan supplies the vocals for platinum-selling, Grammy-winning saxophonist Najee’s jazzy, romantic single “In the Mood to Take It Slow” from his upcoming sixteenth studio album, “The Morning After- A Musical Love Journey,” which drops on October 22.

Leigh Bush - Dancer

Leigh Bush – Dancer

He’s no longer Sammie, call him Leigh Bush. And with that new name comes new music in “Dancer,” and lushly arranged look at the stripper lifestyle, though not your standard stripper anthem.

Tosh Alexander - Tell Me Why

Tosh Alexander – Tell Me Why

When you think “sultry,” the idea of a trap beat topped with strings is not the first thing that comes to mind. Bad girl newcomer Tosh Alexander knew “Tell Me Why” was the right bedroom bate.

London - Special

London – Special

The issue is introduced through a rhythm percussion, elongating the hunger pains that can only be evaded by a “Special” meal. London equates his appetite to a king’s last feast of a sweet beau in hopes to preserving his energy.

Glenn Lewis - All My Love Ft. Melanie Fiona

Glenn Lewis – All My Love Ft. Melanie Fiona

It has been over a decade since Glenn Lewis released an album, but this long drought is scheduled to end in two weeks. To heighten buzz around the much anticipated project, the R&B crooner teams with his Canadian native, Melanie Fiona, on the new single “All My Love.”

Rob Write - Not Your Type

Rob Write – Not Your Type

“If I’m not your type, don’t be afraid to let me know / If I’m not your typo, please don’t lead me on,” R&B newcomer Rob Write sings on this smooth jam “Not Your Type,” nipping in the bud the annoying phenomena of being led on.