Mary J. Blige Explains Why She Loves, Picked Kendu: ‘He Wasn’t Afraid’

Why did Mary J. Blige end up marrying Kendu Isaacs? Opening up in a recent interview with Queen Latifah, the "Share My World" singer said he was 'the one' because he wasn't afraid to tell her the truth.

"He wasn't afraid to do what everybody else was afraid to do, which was tell me the truth and help me. Give me the information that I needed so badly when I was dying from alcohol," said Blige. "He came at the right time and he came when I was ready to change."

In related news, Mary J. Blige also discussed intuition with Queen Latifah. Following an ill-fated Burger King commercial, Blige said intuition is the one thing she does not want to lose.

"That's the one thing that I don't want to ever doubt myself in again. Just knowing when things are right and when they're wrong," said Blige.