Do What U Want: Lady Gaga Hypes ‘ARTPOP,’ Teases R. Kelly Collaboration

Is Lady Gaga's anticipated album "ARTPOP" going to be thee album she is hyping it up to be?

Despite the lead single, "Applause," and its failure to truly capture fans and other music listeners like previous chart-topping hits, the "You and I," "Edge of Glory" and "Bad Romance" singer says this album is thee album of the millennium.

"I can't believe it Ive been waiting to say this for some time…THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!," Gaga told fans via Twitter recently. "I was trying to think of something more ridiculous than Millennium..ALBUM OF INFINTE!"

While we'll have to truly see if the music she has is worthy of that kind of title, Gaga does have some interesting things up her sleeve including a collaboration with R. Kelly.

According to Gaga, she and Kelly have collaborated on a track titled "Do What U Want."

"He sounds incredible," she wrote on Twitter.

"Do What U Want" is featured in a new Beats By Dre headphones promotional campaign. It is also set to appear on the album, "ARTPOP."

Listen to a snippet of "Do What U Want" below…