Beyonce Looks To December For New Single?

Is the wait for Beyonce's new single and album almost over? While it seems like we've been asking that question for a year or more, there appears to be some promising credibility in the latest report about the "I Am… Sasha Fierce" diva's next era.

According to the New York Daily News, several sources are confirming that Beyonce is planning a power move that will have music available to fans on or around December 3.

"Beyoncé decided to wait until early December so her single will come out right after Gaga, Katy and Miley release their albums. It’s all because she wants everyone to know exactly who the queen is," a source told Confidential, via New York Daily News. "Bey had planned to put out a big song in early 2013, but kept pushing it back when she realized she wasn’t going to have any real competition on the charts. Then she got wind of the jam-packed fall release calendar and dreamed up her pop-world power move."

Beyonce has reportedly gone to great lengths to keep not only the single, but her entire project under wraps, including a series of music videos shot earlier this year.

"Many in the music industry have gotten intel that Beyoncé will put out a single in the fourth quarter, some time from late November to early December," an insider shared with Confidential. "It’s an official single and it’s timed perfectly to push out all the others. It will be out before the end of the year."

Is this official? No. But maybe, just maybe, we'll hear Beyonce's single by year's end if not early 2014.