Katherine Jackson, Attorney Issues Statement Following AEG Live Verdict

The verdict may not be what the Jackson family wanted, but Katherine Jackson and the family attorneys say their suit against AEG proved at least one thing.

"Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue. Mrs. Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr. Murray," her attorney told TMZ Monday.

As previously reported, AEG Live was found not to be liable for damages last week, clearing them of wrongdoing that may have led to Michael Jackson's death in 2009.

"The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent," reports TMZ.

During the course of the trial many witnesses testified, including Jackson's children Prince and Paris. It is unclear if the family will opt to file any further lawsuits or even an appeal at this point.