Jason Derulo Talks Wedding, Timing and Jordin Sparks

Jason Derulo is not quite ready to take that next step, marrying recording artist/actress Jordin Sparks.

Appearing on "Bethenny" last week, the "Marry Me" singer said she's the one for him, but it's just not the right time right now.

"I know she's the one for me. It's just (about) the right time," Derulo told Bethenny when asked about proposing to Sparks in his music video for "Marry Me."

In the clip below, Jason also talked with Bethenny about how much Jordin reminds him of his mother and he even taught Bethenny how to do headstands…

"I always wanted to have a woman that was like my mom. My mom is a really sweet woman and I'm a momma's boy, so you want someone that's like your mom," said Jason Derulo.