Chris Brown ‘Worries’ About Paparazzi, Tired of Being ‘The Fungus’ of Society

Chris Brown says he is one story away from ending up back in trouble with the law.

According to the "X" singer, there is always a worry that the paparazzi will create a new story with no facts or pictures and that will land him in trouble.

"We can be in the studio and they can be outside and run a story right now to say Chris Brown just beat up three old women back there, and stabbed the parking guy. No footage, no evidence, but I'd be in trouble," Brown told The Guardian in an open and honest interview over the weekend.

Coming off a recent legal woe, due to an alleged hit-and-run incident in California, Chris Brown is tired of being what he says is "this fungus" in the world, versus being looked at as a positive contributor to society and the entertainment industry.

"I would really like to mean something to the world, instead of me just being this fungus," Brown told The Guardian. "Yeah, like the decay of society. I don't want to be the decay of society, I'd like to be the uplifting part."