Chris Brown Thinks Albums Are Dead, Talks Next Phase of Career and Music?

Are albums dead? Will albums with ten and fifteen songs soon be a thing of the past? According to Chris Brown, the format of releasing an album is no longer worthwhile and after his next album, "X," he plans to release music differently.

"You can blame it on downloads, but the numbers are what they are. After this, maybe I'll release a single every few months, or release a song; you're still going to hear my music and videos," Brown said in a recent interview.

Looking back at his last three albums "Graffiti," "F.A.M.E." and "Fortune," all of which have fallen short of his double Platinum selling debut and sophomore album, released in 2005 and 2007 respectively, Chris Brown says singles have been more profitable over the last few years.

"But people won't bring that up because of the album sales," he told The Guardian, claiming to have sales in the millions with his singles.

Is Chris Brown on to something? Are albums dead and should more artists focus on smaller releases, putting out a few songs a year, versus working on an album for close to a year or more, putting it out, promoting it and then restarting the cycle again?