Veteran Singer Shanice Preps New Album and Reality TV Show

"I Love Your Smile" music veteran Shanice has been low key since releasing her last album, Every Woman Dreams, in 2006, but that is all about to change, possibly before this year is over.

Speaking with our friends over at UB, Shanice says she has been in the lab with B Slade (formerly Tonex) and "definitely before the year is out" she will drop new music.

"He’s so amazing and knows me better than anybody as far as the producers I’ve worked with. He’ll give me ideas that I wouldn’t of thought of," Shanice says about Tonex.

Regarding the music she adds: "I’m so excited about the music. Oh my god, it’s exciting! I know I’ve been talking about coming back for the longest. Like every year I’ve been like okay it’s going to be this year. This is the first time that I’ve really felt like it because the TV show is coming as well and I can market myself on my show. That’s going to be great because being an independent artist is not easy. It’s cool to have a show to help out as well. I haven’t been this excited in years!"

The upcoming opus will most likely loop into the marketing of a planned reality TV show with husband and actor Flex Alexander.

"I’m really excited because I’ve been wanting Flex and I to do a show together for the last 6 or 7 years. He wasn’t ready and didn’t want to. Now he’s excited because we shot a sizzle real for a reality show for us. We have a network that’s interested, but I can’t really speak on that as of yet. Until we sign on the dotted line (laughs)," she adds about the pending show.

Although mum, she adds that the show will be a "family show."

"…You’ll see my kids, me working on my stuff as well as Flex working on his stuff. Different projects and television shows he’s been creating. You’ll see the family as a whole. There’s a lot I want to share but I don’t because I want people to be surprised when they see it. It’s pretty funny, because we’re not sugar coating anything. It’s going to make you tear up and it’s going to make you laugh. My house is funny, like everybody in my house keeps me laughing," she says.

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