Indie Rotation: R&B Divas’ Lil Mo Leads Most Played Independent Singles of the Week

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We may need a reality television award for the show that has revived the most artist careers. Last week R&B Divas', Claudette Ortiz led Singersroom's Indie Rotation chart. This week fellow cast mate Lil Mo controls the top position with her new track "L's Up." At this rate, the R&B Divas TV franchise needs to expand to several other cities to help artist.

If timing is half of the battle, Lil Mo is fifty percent there. Her presence on R&B Divas: LA and fans request for her to collaborate with freed rapper Ja Rule is keeping Lil Mo's name in the spotlight. On the new record "L's Up," she takes a stand defining both her personalities (Lil Mo & Cynthia).

Gene and Mr. Axnt formed G. Nax, a nontraditional R&B duo based in Atlanta. "Open Up" pushed the pair to the top of the list with a blunt bass and sultry lyrics, erasing any questions. The group is building up to the release of their Molotov Music EP, set to drop on October 15.

Under the helm of Babyface, K-Ci & JoJo released "My Brother's Keeper" after a eleven year gap between albums. The brothers continue their brand of R&B, singing about the transparency of a man willing to "Show & Prove" love. In a battle for cuffing season, this song can help support your case.

Along with the artists above, London, Blaque, Rob Write, MAAD*MOISELLE, Demetria McKinney, Lamar Starzz and Love Dominique landed on Singersroom's top independent singles on the week.

Lil Mo - L's Up

Lil Mo – L’s Up

As featured on “R&B Divas: LA,” during her set in the Divalogues stage production, here’s Lil Mo’s testimony “L’s Up” featuring her other self, Cynthia. “What does your L stand for? / L is for the love and loyalty / Liberty for longevity / Live your life long as you please, that’s what the L means to me,” she triumphantly professes.

G Nax - Open Up

G Nax – Open Up

They first gave us the sultry “Exit,” now the duo known as G.Nax offer their second single “Open Up.” On seductive-yet-gritty production, the duo bluntly sings about carnal escapades.

K-Ci JoJo - Show & Prove

K-Ci JoJo – Show & Prove

Show & Prove,” another grown and sexy joint as they let it be known who’s the best man for the job of properly caring for a woman.

Lamar Starzz - #ForTheGreenDatOtherGirl

Lamar Starzz – #ForTheGreenDatOtherGirl

Starzz likes the album so much that he took two of the album’s tracks, “Pound Cake” and “Wu Tang Forever” to form a mashup of his own called “#ForTheGreenDatOtherGirl.

Blaque - Summertime Ridin

Blaque – Summertime Ridin

Its been almost a year since Natina Reed of Blaque passed on (October 2012), but surviving members Shamari and Brandi are continuing on with their new single “Summertime Ridin’.”

London - Special

London – Special

The issue is introduced through a rhythm percussion, elongating the hunger pains that can only be evaded by a “Special” meal.

Demetria McKinney - Work With Me

Demetria McKinney – Work With Me

On the airy ballad “Work With Me“, Demetria harshly lays her flaws on the line and shows appreciation for the man who accepts her imperfections, insisting, “please work with me.”

Rob Write - Not Your Type

Rob Write – Not Your Type

R&B newcomer Rob Write sings on this smooth jam “Not Your Type,” nipping in the bud the annoying phenomena of being led on.



The model-turned-singer MAAD*MOISELLE is ready to step out as leading lady in her own music career with her debut EP Indigo, with the first single called “Take Me.”

Love Dominique - Old Thing

Love Dominique – Old Thing

Love Dominique offers this bonus track “Old Thing,” where the southern belle sets her sights on finding someone new after her old flame burns out.

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