Conrad Murray To Be Released, Reacts To AEG Live Jackson Verdict

Doctor Conrad Murray, the doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his part in Michael Jackson's death, is not only happy about the recent not guilty verdict in the Jackson-AEG Live wrongful death case, but his upcoming release.

According to his attorney, Valerie Wass, Murray feels some form of "vindication."

"He feels some vindication. A jury, after listening to evidence for five months, decided that he was a competent doctor. Prosecutors in his criminal trial tried to portray him as inept, but he had no malpractice claims and no disciplinary proceedings," Wass told the Daily News Wednesday. "When he heard the verdict, it was a moment for pause. It really struck him. He felt justice was served. It doesn’t correct all the other wrongs that he believes occurred, but he was visibly moved by it. He came into the visiting room, and when I asked if he was okay, he looked down and was pretty choked up with emotion.”

Sentenced to serve four years in 2011, Conrad Murray has been behind bars for close to two years and is nearing release according to the NY Daily News.

"He’s expected to be released later this month due to good behavior and jail overcrowding," reports the NY Daily News.

In related news, jurors are already speaking out about the wrongful death suit against AEG Live.

According to juror Kevin Smith, Michael Jackson was responsible for his own death, not AEG Live or Dr. Conrad Murray.

"Michael Jackson was used to getting his way. He could pretty much get what he wanted," Smith told press shortly after the verdict was read. "Anybody that said ‘no’ was out of the mix and he’d find somebody else."

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, has not spoken out publicly as of yet, but family attorneys say they are considering other legal options.